Kentlake Assassin


Today is Do or Die day

On Friday at 7:00 AM, anyone who did not get a kill today are marked for death


Due to popular demand, players with 0 kills will show up here and able to be killed with a click of a button.

Because we want at least 50 people in the game next week, the kill requirement has been removed for this week. You are welcome

What is poppin'

Anyways, here is a reminder that your name will show up on the website if you do not get a kill this week, and will be there until you get one (or you die). Targets will officially change Sunday night, so be ready to hunt down a new person. Yes, if your new target did not get a kill this week, you can kill them on the website.

We have had some rule clarifications and changes. You only need one kill to survive the first week, contrary to what we have earlier said. Also, rule 6 has been changed to remove the qualifier that the sticker must be placed on the target's back, to clarify that as long as you kill your target without being visible to your target, it is a valid kill.

The end of the week is coming up fast. To clarify the kill requirement, if you do not have a kill by Friday after 2:30, your name will show up on the Website in the Report tab. Your killer will be able to click on you, enter their ID in, and kill you right there. To avoid this, kill someone. Your name will disappear from the website as soon as you get a kill.

It is projected that only 50 people will still be alive by next week. Unfortunately the saboteurs with our list has switched the targets, so that any information you may have gathered this week will be useless. Please be ready to accept a new target. Look for us on Monday morning to recieve your new target; not meeting with us will put you at a distinct disadvantage.

So, almost half of the pool of contestants is out for the count. Do not think this means the game is over soon. We were just weeding out the weak. the real fun begins soon...

Wow, over a third of the competition is already eliminated from the game. Good job guys. On another note, there has been murmurs of people with a list of our assassins left alive. They are apparently calling our competition a "crime against humanity." As if.

The leaderboards have finally been worked out. We recognize great achievers even in death...

The games have begun. We applaud the amount of aspiring assassins that have chosen to show their competence. It almost saddens us that most will be killed in the coming weeks. We urge our assassins to watch for anyone that tries to interfere with our games. One of our headquarters have recently been infiltrated by some unknown personnel, and important information was stolen.

All interested recruits, new and retired, are invited to participate in a little friendly competition of strategy and secrecy. We will put you to the test in order to determine the best in the business. We do warn you, not everyone will survive the challenge. If we have piqued your interest, register to be placed on our roster


Classy careers need a code of honor, here is what we swear to:

  1. You can only participate if you are enrolled in at least 4 classes at Kentlake
  2. Kills must happen on Kentlake school campus, during 7-7:35 AM, passing periods, TARGET'S lunch, and 2:10-2:30 PM
  3. Kills must be completed by the one that was assigned the target
  4. Inactivity for one week results in an automatic elimination
  5. Three absences from a school week results in an automatic elimination
  6. Sticker must be placed on target or target's clothing without the target being aware of the attempt or seeing the killer, until it is complete
  7. Any sticker or sticky note can be used if old sticker is lost.
  8. Contested kills must be reported within an hour or no consideration will be given.
  9. Any continued or aggressive conflict because of a contested kill will result in both parties being eliminated
  10. A do or die day will take place unscheduled on a day after the first week of the game. On the day it takes place, an alert will be made on Twitter and the website after school starts. Everyone must kill at least once or die
  12. Have fun, chill. It is just a game, bro